tian tan buddha

hong kong tian tan buddha

This is my fourth time in Hong Kong. The first 3 times, I always came in late May. Although we are in November, I do not really feel any difference in climate. It may be a little less hot, but the air is still very humid. This is the second time I visit the Tian Tan Buddha. I love this place first and foremost because it is in the middle of forests and facing the sea. Despite hordes of tourists, it is a place where I can rest and make a break with urban life. I also appreciate the fact that it is on an island – the island of Lantau – and accessed by a cable car that marks a real break with the atmosphere of central Hong Kong and offers a splendid view. The visit is relatively short and without much surprise, once the stairs climbed, we go around the buddha, we admire the view to the sea and the one overlooking the monastery of Po Lin below. After a mediocre meal in one of the tourist restaurants, it is time to visit the monastery.

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