kameido shrine

tokyo kameido shrine

Today, the weather was rainy in the morning and I had a hard time to get out of bed. Around 1pm the sky cleared a little and in the early afternoon the weather got better. I took the opportunity to go see the Kameido shrine one more time. I promised myself to return during the season of wisteria in bloom. It was crowded, but it was still reasonable. The wisteria flowers were in full bloom and their purple color was really intense. What I did not know was that the wisteria flowers give a very pleasant fragrance. In one of the outbuildings of the sanctuary musicians were playing traditional music which gave a perfect finishing touch to this beautiful spring afternoon. Before going out among one of the many stands selling food I bought dried persimmons: they are so delicious!

kameido shrine 2

kameido shrine 3

kameido shrine 4

kameido shrine 5

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