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kamakura zeniarai benzaiten shrine

Today I leave home a little after 9:00 am heading towards Kamakura to visit temples. As it is sunny and not too hot, it’s the perfect day. There is just a slight breeze. Once in Kamakura station, I stop by a small traditional restaurant close to the station. Then around 11:30, I walk about 20 minutes to reach the shrine. Like at other shrines a tori stands at the entrance but what is surprising is that it is immediately followed by a cave entrance. At the exit of the cave you enter the shrine: magical! The interior of the sanctuary is fairly standard and nothing extraordinary, except for one thing: everyone comes here to wash its banknotes in the water of the spring that you will find in another cave located at the far end of the sanctuary. Armed with a small wicker basket, worshipers wash their money. Doing so will multiply your net worth! A visit not to be missed!

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