koko-en garden

japan himeji koko-en garden

After visiting the castle, I entered the garden among the last visitors, just before closing time. So lucky! This is not a garden, but multiple gardens separated by walls. Each garden has a different theme: flower garden, tea house, bamboo garden … Each new entrance gives access to a new surprise. A real treat and from almost all places in the background you can see on top of the hill the white silhouette of Himeji castle. When I think I almost missed this wonderful visit. And as I was not expecting it, I almost stopped my visit at the end of the first garden and then by chance I entered a second and then a third, and I understood that this is not to a garden but a maze!!!

koko-en garden 2

koko-en garden 3

koko-en garden 4

koko-en garden 5

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