nakameguro sakura

tokyo nakameguro sakura

Today the weather has been very good. The sakura in Tokyo were in full bloom. The weather forecast announced rain for the weekend and therefore a risk that all the flowers would fall before I could enjoy it. Around 19:00, after leaving my office, I took the train and went to the Nakameguro station. From the station, a channel runs through the neighborhood and is lined with cherry trees on each side. At night with all the pink lanterns installed for the occasion, the atmosphere is very romantic. Small stalls on either side are selling Japanese snacks and sparkling rose wine. The alleys along the cherry trees were full of people, but it did not disturb the nice atmosphere and did not take away the charm of these magical moments. After strolling around for 2 hours, I took the train back home. This moment is very rare and ephemeral: it happens once a year and lasts only for one week. So do not miss this event so important to Japanese people.

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