kiba park

tokyo kiba park

Today, I left home around 1:00 pm and walked 30 minutes to get to kiba park. This is a fairly modern park created in 1969. The park is nothing fancy, but you can find there some greenery and relax in a large open space. There were many people. It was a bit cold, but we could enjoy a bright sunny sky. In many places of the park barbecues smoked and we could enjoy a pleasant smell of grilled sausages. The sakura were starting to bloom. A full bloom was expected for the next weekend. In the middle of the park, a large pedestrian bridge offers a beautiful view of the skytree. In one corner of the park, a garden concentrates a wide variety of flowers. When we reached the end of the park, we arrived at the entrance of the Museum of Modern Art. Inside, I enjoyed a nice Vietnamese meal in a very friendly restaurant.

kiba park 2

kiba park 3

kiba park 4

kiba park 5

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