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This morning, I landed at Düsseldorf Airport after more than 13-hour flight and a stopover in Paris. It’s true: Tokyo and Düsseldorf are not next door. After a quick breakfast in one of the airport’s cafes, I take the tram for about 30 minutes to reach the center of the city. The weather is quite nice, even if the temperature is slightly below 0 ° C. I had the good idea to take my gloves and scarf with me: it changes from Tokyo in this season of the year. I find my hotel without difficulty and as soon as I left my suitcase in my room I went on exploration. The city is quite small and in two hours I walked around the old town. From the docks, the view of the Rhine is very beautiful. On the left you can see the Rheinturm telecommunications tower. As I lacked time, I could not go visit the tower and it will be I think my only regret. The rest did not impress me much except perhaps the imposing tower which houses the museum of Rhine river history (Schifffahrtsmuseum) which I think is worth a look!

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