japan shirahama

Today I left my apartment early morning to head to the Izu Peninsula. As it is a little hard to get there by train, I chose to use a car. This allows me to have more freedom of movement and not be dependent on the schedules of public transportation. At first it seemed like a good idea, but it is Saturday, I found myself stuck in traffic when exiting Tokyo and arrived finally 5 hours later. So it was the wrong choice of transport … The right solution would have been to take the train to Shimoda station and then rent a car “I knew it! So why didn’t you?” shouted loud voices in my head. Shirahama literally means white beach or pure beach. I had visited in September of last year another beach located in Wakayama Prefecture, which has exactly the same name. This beach is nice, but definitely less beautiful than the first one. But the little red torii facing the sea gives a lot of character to the place. There were many surfers in the water, but I myself would not have risked it. The wind blowing on the edge of the water was most refreshing!

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