kameido shrine

tokyo kameido shrine

Today I stayed in bed very late, but around noon the sun finally showed the tip of his nose. Lately the television has been talking insistently about the beauty of the blooming plum trees. It was now or never to go for a walk in the shinto kameidoe shrine. The sanctuary and its dependencies do not extend over a wide field, but the association of bright red bridge arches and blossoming plum tree was very harmonious. The Skytree is nearby and can be seen very clearly: its modern architecture contrasts with the surrounding buildings. What was unexpected was the monkey showman touring at the temple. A true moment of relaxation for all. Except for the monkey, I guess. I must admit I am not a staunch defender of animals, but I still wonder what suffering they may experience in this kind of situation. This temple is also highly visited in early May to admire the wisteria. Whatever the time of the year a visit at this sanctuary is always a pleasure!

kameido shrine 2

kameido shrine 3

kameido shrine 4

kameido shrine 5

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