tokyo akihabara

It’s been ages since I had not taken a little time for me. Since the end of New Year holidays, I worked almost every weekend and I had not had a minute to myself. For a long time I wanted to buy accessories for my camera. So early morning I went to Akihabara, the world’s Mecca of electronics and video games. On leaving the station, you are immediately in the mood: the Gundam Café alongside the temple dedicated to AKB48: a group of 48 Japanese pop idols. This is not really my cup of tea, but fans will see right away what I mean. What I like in this neighborhood are immense buildings covered with advertisements and neon. Day and night, I have the feeling to walk in Blade Runner and that I am a great fan of. It makes your head spin. But if I exceed 2 hours there I am risking an overdose. What really put me down was the moment I passed by a huge Maid Café, where girls dressed in maid outfit serve a coulourful and enthusiastic audience: it goes from groups of young girls coming to have fun to mature men with really strange facial expressions. A whole world that even after more than 10 years living in Japan, I still do not understand. So I quickly left the neighborhood after I completed my purchases to go back to a more intimate and quiet area.

gundam café


maid café

akihabara 2

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