shiraito falls

japan shiraito falls

After a good breakfast at the hotel I am back in the car. After nearly three hours, I reach the Shiraito waterfalls. Before accessing the site on the left you can have a very close look at the Mount Fuji that offers a beautiful view. After the entrance, on the way leading to the main falls, a first fall impresses with its powerful flow: the Otodome fall. Literally the name of the waterfall means “Sound Stopping Waterfall”. This name refers to a history dating back to the Kamakura period: the Soga Monogatari. When Soga brothers accompanied Minamoto Yoritomo during a hunting expedition at the base of Mount Fuji, they plotted the assassination of one of the servants of Yoritomo, Tsuketsune Kudo, who was the murderer of their father. To avoid being heard, they planned their strategy around the roaring waters of this waterfall. If you look in the background of this cascade can see a cute little bright red torii that adds a little to the picturesque view. After a short walk, a bridge leads to the foot of Shiraito falls which we can approach relatively closely. They are classified among the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. The waterfalls are 150 meters long in total and flows off the edge of a 20 meters high cliff in thin white streams that resemble hanging threads of silk – hence its name. What is striking is the permanent rainbow at the base of the falls!

mount fuji

otodome fall

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