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japan matsue castle

After a rather short night of sleep and a Japanese breakfast at the hotel restaurant that really tasted below average, I take the direct train from Tottori Station to get to Matsue city. Arrived in Matsue, I rent a car and I go directly to the castle of the city, distant of only 2 km. The castle was built in 1611 and the dungeon with its observation tower has five floors: four floors and a basement. It is one of the last twelve authentic dungeons of Japan, since it was preserved intact since it was built 400 years ago. It ranks second in surface, third by its height, and fifth in seniority. In fact, most Japanese castles were demolished at the beginning of the Meiji period (1868-1912). During my visit, what strikes me is the black façade of the dungeon: this color gives the castle an impenetrable look. The castle is surrounded by moats that crisscross traditional boats roaming tourists. A boat trip sounds like a nice experience and must give another perspective on the castle, but unfortunately I do not have enough time to test this attraction. The visit of the castle was a great experience. Since it has never been destroyed or rebuilt, the interior dates from the time of construction. It is much more spacious inside than the Matsumoto castel which I also visited. You have to use narrow wooden stairs to climb the floors. On the top floor, large windows provide a 360 ° view of the city that alone is worth the visit. Beautiful samurai armors are also exposed on the different floors. Not far from the tower, other buildings are also interesting to visit: I noticed a large Shinto shrine. On my way out I followed the inner side of the moat. Before returning to my car to leave for Izumo Taisha shrine, I tasted a dish of soba (buckwheat flour pasta): The local specialty.

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