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Today I was window shopping in Omotesando area searching for new ideas to decorate my Tokyo apartment. It is always a pleasure to take a walk in the narrow streets of this part of Tokyo. After the fifth store, I decided it was time for a little break. I am always looking for new cafés specializing in latte art and offering exceptional quality latte. I had spotted on the internet a café that seemed promising. The industrial style décor made of raw concrete, wood and steel was produced by the same designer that created the Streamer Coffee also in Tokyo. The café is run by young barista women. From time to time the café turns into a painting exhibition gallery. It was a very good experience. Perhaps you must insist upon making your order that you want the coffee to be extremely hot to be certain it will be served very warm. But I guess this is my “difficult customer” side who speaks. In any case, this is a very good place and not too well known yet because the coffee is far from crowded, which is not to displease me.

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