belfort citadel

belfort citadel

Not far from my home, 20-minute drive away is the beautiful city of Belfort. This afternoon, as the weather was great I decided to introduce the Lion of Belfort to my Korean friends staying at my place for a few days. This majestic statue designed by the Alsatian sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, stands at the foot of the cliff of the citadel built by Vauban. It represents a wounded lion and commemorates the resistance of the besieged city by the Prussians during the 1870 war. 22 meters long and 11 high, it is the largest stone statue in France. It is made of blocks of pink sandstone from the Vosges. Between his legs, we can observe an arrow. Contrary to the legend, the lion has his tongue: this has been verified during restoration work at the beginning of the years 2000. Auguste Bartholdi is the architect who also designed the Statue of Liberty in New York. After admiring the statue we entered through the underground tunnel inside the castle and took some refreshments at the café in the courtyard. After regaining some strength, we climbed on top of the citadel. From there we have a beautiful view over the old city and on clear days you can see the blue tops of the Vosges Mountains.

belfort citadel 2

belfort citadel 3

belfort citadel 4

belfort citadel 5

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