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tokyo café anniversaire

As today is a holiday I took the opportunity to relax a little. Tokyo is a very active city, but in some areas despite the turmoil it is possible to find quiet places. In Omotesando area, up the wide avenue that could be compared to the Champs Elysees in Paris, among the luxury boutiques and fashion designers shops, Anniversaire specialises in wedding ceremonies, and besides the numerous sale corners that make it look like a department store on several floors; you can have lunch or a coffee. I have long thought that this was where we drank the best cappuccinos in Tokyo. In fact, that was before I discovered the many cafes that serve coffee made in the “latte art” style. So in my opinion, it is more a place to be seen. But it’s a really nice café that must be visited at least once, and if you sit on the terrace you can check out the latest trends in Japanese fashion!

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