blue cave

ishigaki island blue cave

This morning I’m up early and I must say quite feverish. I swallow my breakfast at full speed and I take the car to go on the west coast of the island. The weather is nice but the sky is a bit cloudy. The weather forecast predicted rain during the day. Yesterday I booked a guide to make a canoe trip to the blue cave. When I was a child, I visited with my parents the blue cave on the Italian island of Capri. I kept a wonderful memory of it. It is with impatience that I sit in my canoe. The ride along the beach is rather short: 30 minutes at most. After the sandy beach, the shape of the coast changes and we are facing a rock formation jutting into the sea. We make a loop to find ourselves facing the entrance of the cave. There are small waves that drive us out to sea. After a few energetic paddles I engage in the entrance of the cave. The cave is raver small and soon we arrive on a sandbar where we stop our canoe. Once off the boat I am struck by the freshness of the cave. I put gloves that will protect me during my exploration of the cave. The walls are formed with sharp edges rocks, sharp as razor blades. I pass by a tightened hole in the wall that leads outside the cave towards the open sea. We now walk along the outer wall with water up to the chest. After some effort we are back in the cave. A souvenir photo and we board our canoe. At the exit of the cave, it starts to rain and we paddle in the opposite direction in an intermittent rain. Today is my last day in Okinawa. Tomorrow I take the plane to go home in Tokyo.

blue cave 2

blue cave 3

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