yubu island

japan yubu island

After my little boat trip on Nakama river, I took the bus about 15 minutes to reach the village of Mihara located on the coast of Iriomote island just opposite Yubu island. Between the two islands the distance is very small, but especially the water is very shallow. You can connect the two islands walking with water up to your waist. The most common way to connect the two islands is by buffalo cart. The crossing takes about 15 minutes and if you’re lucky, the driver will play the shamisen and you will enjoy a folk song! During your little tour of the island do not forget to visit the butterfly garden. If you cross the island, you can observe manta rays near the shore. Yes, well, that’s the theory, because for me no manta ray… After this relaxing moment, I took the cart back in the other direction toward Iriomote.

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