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japan iriomote island nakama river

Today I got up at 6 o’clock. I left the hotel at 7:45 on foot for Ishigaki harbour to take the ferry. The day before I had booked a tour of the islands for the day with ferry connections and scheduled to return in the late afternoon. I boarded the ferry to Iriomote at 8:30 and arrived on the island at 9:20. Upon my arrival, without losing a moment, I boarded the bus – included in my package – toward the pier on the Nakama River. On arrival I boarded a boat that sailed up the course of the river and we could observe the mangrove. At this time, the level of the river was high and the roots of the mangrove were not visible: a small disappointment… In total, this little round trip lasted about one hour on the river. Before turning back, we stopped in the jungle to admire a tree over 400 years old : a Heritiera littoralis. The age of the tree is estimated by measuring the bark of roots emerging from the ground. Roots develop at a speed of 1 centimeter per year. Once back at the pier, I immediately got back into the bus waiting for us to make the trip to Yubu island.

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heritiera littoralis

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