hateruma island

japan hateruma island

From Iriomote Island, I take the ferry to go to the island of Hateruma. The trip takes a little over 30 minutes and the boat shakes a lot. Hateruma Island is the southernmost inhabited island of Japan. The island is sparsely populated and has only one village. The architecture is typical of Okinawa houses and they are surrounded by black coral walls. As soon as I arrived, I went to the village restaurant for a good meal of noodles. Then I took the bus to the beach Nishihama. To me the most beautiful sandy beach that I have seen in my life. Everything is perfect and there is nobody. If we can imagine a picture of paradise, it should look like this beach. Then I headed for the south of the island which as a very different appearance: sheer cliffs into the sea, rocks with sharp edges and waves crashing on the coast. Gaping holes in the rock let see the roaring waves. One of them is called the lion’s mouth.

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