toujin grave

ishigaki island toujin grave

After my visit to Kannon Fusaki temple, I visited, a few hundred meters away, the tomb of Toujin close to the beach. This is a very colorful monument in Chinese architectural style. This memorial is dedicated to the memory of a group of Chinese workers who were on board an American ship and came aground on the coral reefs of the island in 1852. Having been victims of abuse on the boat, 380 Chinese workers revolted and took refuge on the island. Following this event, 128 workers were killed and 172 were later repatriated to China. This monument was inaugurated in 1971 and part of calligraphy texts engraved on the tomb are of the hand of former Taiwanese President Chiang Kai-Shek. If you’re in the area, this is a spot not to be missed!

toujin grave 2

toujin grave 3

toujin grave 4

toujin grave 5

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