sabichi beach

ishigaki island sabichi beach

After my visit to the Hirakubozaki lighthouse, I drove towards the south of the island. After about twenty minutes, I passed in front of a sign that said: sabeach beach. Intrigued, I engage in the small road following the sign. I arrived on a large car park opposite a large iron gate. Once pasted the gate, I found myself in front a huge cave entrance. I was the only visitor. A little dog came my way, closely followed by his mistress. At her insistence that I make the visit, I let her convince me. From the entrance of the cave, the freshness air invited me to enter deeper. After 200 meters inside the mountain, a little light filtered to me. Then surprise: the cave lead to a sandy beach and emerald blue sea. A hidden paradise! The view was magnificent, as the sun began to decline. I walk on the beach for about 30 minutes, then I continued my journey.

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