urauchi river

japan iriomote urauchi river

Once arrived at the pier of Uehara at the North of the island, without any delay I took a free shuttle to the mouth of the river Urauchi: the bus trip lasted about 15 minutes. I got off at “Urauchikawa” bus stop just before the road bridge over the river which at this point is very wide. After walking 200 meters, I am already at the dock to take the boat that goes up the river on a portion of its course, for about 6 km. The boat ride lasted about 30 minutes. After admiring the mangrove that takes different forms depending on the soil and plant varieties, we arrived at a place where the river is obstructed with very large rocks. On the boat, we had the pleasure of experiencing a fresh wind and the pilot gave us on the microphone very informative comments mixed with humorous anecdotes, but only in Japanese. Once off the ship, a very pleasant walk through the forest awaited us, with two waterfalls on the program!

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