hakone owakudani

This was my second visit to Owakudani station. It was the end of winter: the snow was still visible here and there, especially on Mount Fuji which clearly stood out in front of me. The icy wind was even stronger than last time, but the sky was relatively clear despite the presence of some clouds. As before the view was breathtaking. But this time, I had a very specific purpose and I was not really here for sightseeing. A friend requested me to film aerial images of Mount Fuji for a commercial video he was producing. So I flew my drone for short sessions of 15 minutes throughout the early afternoon. Despite my snowsuit, I am shivering and I could not feel my hands anymore. Each time I flew my drone the wind blew harder, the brightness of the sun was intense and on the snow the reverberation very strong. After several hours, I packed my gear and went down to Lake Ashi to take a rest at the restaurant of Togendai station and to check my rushes. It was a disaster: the wind was very strong so I got lots of jello on my videos and the quality was quite poor because of the vibrations, even though colors were beautiful. I manage to save and edit the material I need. I posted a few aerial pictures! From the sky we see very well the sulfuric gas emerging from the hot springs. Hello Kitty, the famous character is here dressed in a suit of Kuro-tamago (literally “black egg”), eggs cooked in the water of onsen which gives that color. Very often, for each well-known tourist spot, the brand Sanrio dresses his hero in a suit with the characteristics of the place.

owakudani 2

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