brasserie printemps

paris printemps brasserie

A dream place where you feel out of time.
I had never walked through the doors of this mythical place so popular with shopaholic’s tourists or chic Parisians. I must say that the place is dazzling. Sitting under the high glass dome covered with stained glass windows is a unique experience. Unlike most of the Parisian restaurants, I was greeted very warmly: it’s so rare that I wanted to stress it. As it was a bit cold outside, I ordered an onion soup that was very large and delicious: only regret she had cooled a little between the kitchen and my table. To continue, I asked for a piece of pork that was also excellent although a bit overcooked. Please note, that there is a mirror on each table and it is in my opinion a very clever decoration. The mirror reflects the windows above you and it is of the most beautiful effect. Finally, the service was impeccable and our butler highly tuned!

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