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Having turned my back on my failed attempt to reach the Shinmura bashi bridge under a pouring rain here I am again in front of the famous Kappa bashi bridge. And this time, I remembered the famous dish you can’t miss if you visit Kamikochi: a beef stew at the Hotel Gosenjaku. And then I hear you say: “What? Again? But just 2 hours ago you were in the cafe on the ground floor of this same hotel and now you want to go for lunch on the second floor restaurant.” Anyway, this is what told me the little voice inside my head. I gave in and I found myself on the second floor, facing a sympathetic liveried butler but somewhat obsequious. Through the window I once again face the Kappa bashi bridge, but this time with an elevated point of view that gives me a new perspective. Quite amused by the waiter, I order the famous beef stew (2900 yens…) and bread (350 yens): yes yes nothing comes for free in Japan. The slices are ridiculously fine and of course if you want some more there is no free refill, you must pay again. But I did not, I saved my bread so I would have enough until the end of the meal. I suddenly noticed a detail that had eluded me: the longest knife holder in the world, at least it looked like it. It holds all cutleries, even chopsticks. Chopsticks for eating beef stew… We do not want a client to be lost if he or she is suddenly deprived of chopsticks. In short: the beef is delicious and melts in my mouth. Finally, I request to view the drinks’ menu again to order a cappuccino. On the menu, none of the sort: I have a choice between an American coffee (filter coffee like in “cat piss”) and tea. Since I am a gourmet – lol – , I ask about the nature of the 600 yens tea cup. I look at the server right in the eye and I struck him with a mischievous smile: “I suppose it does not come in a tea bag” referring to the price… The server answers embarrassed “Indeed, it is tea bag, but it has the advantage of being presented in fine china and served with elegance”. When I tell you that our Japanese friends have a sense for service!

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