5 horn cafe

nagano gosenjaku hotel 5 horn cafe

Today it is raining a lot and it is relatively cold. My dreams of conquering summits are shrinking by the minute. I underestimated the necessary equipment and even if I wear appropriate shoes and clothing, they are not warm enough for the current conditions, and even more for the weather conditions I could find on my way up. So I go back to the Kappa bashi bridge and then I have an idea of urban blogger which seduces me: “What if I took a cup of coffee before heading to the Shinmura bashi Bridge”. I enter the Gosenjaku hotel and head to the 5 horn cafe pompously named “tea lounge”. I am lucky to find an empty seat next to the window that faces the Kappa bashi bridge and I order the traditional “cake set”: I order a latte and a piece of chestnuts pie. At 1400 yens, luxury in Japan has its price! And there, I feel good… the heat is moist, but very nice and through the window I look at people walking through puddles or posing for pictures on the bridge while the rain becomes more intense. 3 hours pass. It’s time to go towards the Shimura bashi bridge. After a while, I’m freezing cold and getting more and more wet. I give up before half way and go back towards Kappa bashi.

5 horn cafe 2

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5 horn cafe 5

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