tashiro bridge

nagano kamikochi upper highlands

I go back on my steps from the pond called “Taisho-ike.” I walk along the river again and when I arrive at the bridge “Tashiro bashi” I cross. This allows me to make the journey in the opposite direction changing my perspective from the other side. I pass Reverend Walter Weston Memorial: the father of mountaineering in Japan. After a few more hundred meters, I’m back to the bridge “Kappa bashi”. I cross the bridge and continue to walk along the river. The landscape is wild and sometimes lunar. When I reach the bridge “Myojin bashi” I am freezing cold and the day begins to decline. I walk the way back in the dark and I get to the bus stop at 5:30 pm. I bought my bus ticket in advance to get to the hotel. As a precaution, I bought a round-trip between the bus terminal and the hotel, as I’m not sure I can buy my ticket the next day at the bus stop in front of the hotel to return to Kamikochi. In addition, the purchase of round-trip allows me to make a small saving compared to the price of single tickets. A small detail that I had not checked: the last bus left at 5 pm. The only way at this time, to go to the hotel is by taxi: I am in for 4300 yens. The next day, I intend to get a refund on my bus ticket.