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nagano kamikochi hotel

After a 30 minutes taxi ride I arrive at the hotel. It is completely dark, I’m a little tired and I do not pay attention to the façade of the building is immersed in shadow. I walk into the lobby. The decor is a typical style of mountain inns. A mix of Japanese and European style rather dated. The welcome is warm. My host invites me to sit down on a sofa while he takes care of formalities for my room. He offers me an apple juice 100% fresh, very sweet and quite delicious. This is a very popular local production that many visitors carry back home in their luggage. Once I completed the hotel form, the same person guides me to my room. It is a traditional tatami room. Dinner is set for 7 pm sharp. After drinking a green tea in my room, I head on time to the dining room. There, a true visual feast awaits me. This is a meal in the “kaiseki” style (懐 石), one of the most achieved Japanese culinary expressions. The aromatic palette is perfectly balanced and sometimes surprising. After this exquisite meal, I’m back in my room. During my absence the table has been stored away and the tatami are covered with a futon and a “kakebuton” (quilt). The room went from a state of living room to bedroom. Even after all these years, the functionality of traditional Japanese habitats continues to amaze me. As the hotel has an “onsen”, I go for a bath. There is even an outdoor pool overlooking the forest. As it is already late, I am alone and I have all the bath space for me. I relax and I enjoy the nature surrounding me …

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