mazan castel

avignon mazan castel

Short stay for 2 days at Chateau de Mazan.
The town of Mazan is located at the footsteps of Mont Ventoux right in the heart of the vineyards of the same Appellation. On my arrival I received a warm welcome. The room was nice, but not really to my taste. I’m not a big fan of house museums. I like modern and functional environments and there the furniture was a bit outdated, far away from tasty antiques furniture that you can found in some Parisian palaces but closer to secondhand pieces. Nether the less, the food was of good quality and was a real pleasure. The pool was also very welcoming but the warm season had just ended and it was a little cold to enjoy it. The only point to remember is that this house belonged to the family of the Marquis de Sade and that he lived there for some time. And that it opens various perspectives…

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