mengjia longshan temple

taipei mengjia longshan temple

This temple is the oldest in Taipei, built in 1740. It was destroyed many times due to natural disasters or wars and the present building dates from 1957. You can access the temple if you get off at the subway station of the same name. On your way from the station you can buy incense from sellers on the sidewalk. At the entrance, on the right a waterfall that looks like a natural spring surprises in the middle of the modern surrounding buildings. The architecture of the temple is amazing, very different from what I had seen so far, in Japan, Korea, Thailand or Indonesia. Particularly the pillars are striking in their subtlety: they are carved and represent mythical animals and historical figures. Tourists mingle with believers who throng before the altars covered with offerings. As in many temples in Taiwan different religions coexist together: a mixture of Buddhist and Taoist deities.