taman soekasada ujung

bali taman soekasada ujung

To end my stay in Bali, I visited an amazing place. This palace built at the begging of the twentieth century surprises with its architecture with European influences, and very far from the Balinese style. You will not be surprised to learn that the main architect was Danish. The palace was almost completely destroyed in 1963 by the eruption of Mount Agung and an earthquake in 1975. It is a quiet place and the proximity of the sea brings us a very nice sea breeze. When I went there, I met very few tourists. I do not know if I came at a time of low attendance or if it is not a popular area, but in any case it was very nice. Marble tiles are what impressed me the most after days of temple visits in the jingle. Crossing the bridge is also a nice experience!

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