63 building

seoul 63 building

Building 63 simply indicates that there are 63 floors. But in fact, there are 60 floors above and 3 underground floors. Completed exactly 20 years ago, this building was built in preparation for the Olympics Summer Games 1988. Until 2003 it was the tallest skyscraper in Korea. Its golden color is characteristic and clearly distinguishes it from surrounding constructions. The elevators have windows so you can enjoy the view over Seoul during the ride: not for the faint hearted! In the evening, lovers are offered a special service: they can share the one minute ride to the top just by themselves. From the observation deck, the view is impressive especially the one overlooking the Han River. The view also shows the taste of Korean people for living in large concrete lookalike mansions. These identical buildings differentiate only by their big numbers written on the top. This sight always made me shiver: there is no room for individual expression and everyone seems to comply with the same lifestyle.

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